Automotive Maintenance & Repair

Automotive Maintenance & Repair in Chandler

Top Notch Collision & Repair is serious about giving you peace of mind with your vehicle. However, we do realize that not all auto repairs can be prevented. We also know that a large amount of them can be prevented through routine maintenance that goes beyond an oil change.

Why is preventative maintenance important for you?

Let’s look at some of the reasons and benefits of preventative maintenance that makes it make sense.

  • It gives you peace of mind
  • It saves you money because the cost of routine maintenance is minimal in comparison to repairs due to neglect
  • It’s more convenient, maintenance can be scheduled to fit your schedule. A breakdown has no regard for your schedule.
  • Your car lasts longer when your car is well-maintained. A well-maintained vehicle could be the difference of it lasting to see 200,000 miles.
  • Increase your car’s value when reselling, a well-maintained car that runs is always worth more than a broken down car

Maintenance Services

  • Alignment
  • Battery Replacement
  • Belt Replacement
  • Brake Flush
  • Brake Replacement
  • Coolant Flush
  • Oil Change
  • Tire Rotation
  • Transmission Flush
  • Window Tint

Repair Services

  • AC Recharge
  • AC Replacement
  • Alternator Replacement
  • Diagnostic
  • Fuel Pump Replacement
  • Radiator Replacement
  • Starter Replacement
  • Transmission Repair

Frequently Asked Questions

Repair times will depend on the extent of the damage and availability of parts. Once our shop receives your vehicle, we will produce an auto repair estimate and contact you within 24-48 hours to go over it with you.

At Top Notch we use three different kinds of parts:

  1. OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer. For example, Chevrolet OEM parts are made by Chevrolet for Chevrolet Vehicles.
  2. Aftermarket Parts: These parts are made by third parties, but manufacturers offer certifications to ensure fit, function, and safety.
  3. Used / Salvage: These parts are OEM parts that are in excellent quality both in terms of structure and aesthetics, these parts come from vehicles that are no longer functional


We use paint coeds from the manufacturer. These are located on your vehicle as a starting point then do test strips for further matching.

Cleaning is part of every auto body repair service. We will return your vehicle with a freshly washed exterior and a clean vacuumed interior.

Customer satisfaction is of the highest importance to us and all of our work is backed by the Top Notch Lifetime Warranty. If you have any concerns with your repairs, please contact us so we can make things right.

In the State of Arizona, you have the right to choose any repair facility regardless of insurance carrier? Ask us for more details.

If you are in need of a rental, we’ll shuttle you to the nearest open Enterprise location free of charge. Make sure to check with your insurance agent about rental car coverage available to you.

To provide you with the best convenience and service, it is best to first schedule an appointment to either drop for repair or receive an estimate for your vehicle. Feel free to call us at (480) 752-2222 or click here to schedule an estimate.

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